Welding And Fabrication Services

Your company might need its equipment refurbished or it might need a custom solution using metal bars and plates. That solution might not be technically complicated but still needs to be put together using high-strength welding. That solution might be metal shelves or joining two metal parts that were shipped separately. Either way, welding and fabrication services can provide your company with the fast solution it needs without having to contract with a dedicated factory.

It really depends on the scale that your company needs a steel solution. Welding works with a variety of metals, but it is more typical of hard metals such as steel and strong alloys. Welding usually means steel because of the unique properties of iron and steel at high temperatures. Welding other metals requires more specialized materials such as aluminum sticks for aluminum welding.

Welding services are usually a specialty because joining steel requires a safe facility, a strong current, and expensive equipment such as inert gas welding equipment. This technology is available in less impressive packages for spot solutions, but really cranking out a lot of welds means using a larger gas welding rig and the current necessary to supply continuous welding.

Other solutions such as stick welding are a bit slower and messier and do not create as strong of a bond as inert gas welding. Stick welding is also just a cheaper solution with a less clean finish. It deposits quite a bit of metal, and the stick has to be replaced frequently while gas welding filler is basically a wire that is continuously fed through the hose.

Even within gas welding, there are different solutions, as different setups have different resulting strengths and depth of penetration. Some types of filler are more resilient to corrosion than others, and the material being welded might have its own specifications such as using alloys with odd ingredients such as chromium and silver. Adjusting for unusual alloys is part of the job of a professional welding and fabrication service.

If the job is unusual, then it pays to go for the pros. They get the job done faster and with a smoother finish than a small workshop that is heavily dependent on low tech human labor. The real professionals can handle larger orders, more demanding materials, and compensating for unusual requirements. Smaller shops just do not have the technical knowledge necessary to adjust for the chemical composition of special materials.

Big time welders also are skilled at working odd corners and can employ robots for certain types of jobs. Mostly, they know how to complete complex tasks on an assembly line that can be tooled to a variety of tasks. This could be compared to an automobile assembly plant where all the stations have fixed tasks. A contractor has an assembly line where different jobs can be done at different stations, and the welders are technicians who can adapt to new jobs quickly.

Your company might have the need for welding all of a sudden. Work with people who can get metal fabrication jobs done in a flash. It is quicker and less painful than setting up a traditional factory arrangement.